Den Outer Advocatuur is a niche firm specialised in labour law and pension law and also offers mediation. Clients choose Den Outer Advocatuur, because of its commitment to quality and its solution-oriented approach, with due respect for the human scale.

Brigitte den Outer-Kroon

Den Outer Advocatuur was founded in 2008 by Brigitte den Outer-Kroon. Brigitte has gained ample experience as a lawyer in The Netherlands and Aruba. From 2000 to 2008, Brigitte was employed by De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek in The Hague as an employment lawyer. Prior to that, her employers included Nauta Dutilh in Rotterdam,  Sjiem Fat  & Co and VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne in Aruba.


Brigitte studied law at Radboud University Nijmegen, specialising in labour law (PALA). By completing the specialist program in Pension Law, Brigitte is also a CPL, Certified Pension Lawyer. Brigitte presently undergoes training for Legal Mediator at ADR Instituut.


Brigitte is self-employed, but is well supported: Den Outer Advocatuur is part of the Network of Independent Specialist Attorneys. This network guarantees continuous high-quality services.

Labor law


Being a law firm specialised in labour law, Den Outer Advocatuur handles every aspect of labour law, from entering into the labour agreement to its termination, including any labour-law issues that may arise during the employment. Den Outer Advocatuur takes pride in the fact that it has reached a solution in many cases by advising and coaching the clients, where appropriate behind the scenes. Naturally, Den Outer Advocatuur also conducts legal proceedings if necessary.

Den Outer Advocatuur assists both employers and employees. Being a law firm in The Hague, Den Outer Advocatuur’s clients include international organisations and their employees.

Pension law


A pension scheme is an important  employment condition which does not always receive the attention it deserves. Den Outer Advocatuur advises and where necessary initiates legal proceedings when any dispute arises on pension as an employment condition. Such disputes  may involve an amendment to the pension scheme or whether or not a supplement (indexation) is granted. Another question that may be submitted to Den Outer Advocatuur is whether an employer falls within the scope of a compulsory industry-wide pension fund.



Mediation is a form of conflict intervention in which an independent mediator, together with the parties, tries to find a solution for their problem. Such a solution must be acceptable to all of the parties. Based on its long-term experience in the legal profession, Den Outer Advocatuur is convinced that in case of a dispute, the parties  benefit the most by a solution they themselves have proposed, in which due attention is paid to all interests involved. For these reasons, Den Outer Advocatuur also offers mediation.